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Sales, marketing and managing bulk and volume residential sales to local, domestic or international buyers.

Case study | Imperial Drive Apartments, Harrow

It was autumn of 2014, ElliotLee were instructed by a previous client whom approached us to revive sales of a flagship 33-unit scheme in a popular location. The scheme was being sold off-plan, and struggling to capture the imagination of the local market without the right branding, strategy and communication channels. ElliotLee were proud to have first consulted on valuations, agreeing the right GDV and expected outcome; then on branding ideas, creative marketing concepts (naming, CGIs, brochures) to give the public a clear picture of what they were buying. This involved clear views on the product mix, what would and wouldn’t appeal to buyers. ElliotLee then agreed on implementing carefully planned marketing campaigns which involved a steady and staged release of the units, this not to saturate or dilute the product. Keep anticipation high for the 100’s of sales leads we created. We created a phenomenal amount of interest.

ElliotLee sold 18 units within 3 months, all off-plan, all off-market, getting the right buyers at the right values reserved and progressed very quickly. Not only was the sales crucial, but progression too, ensuring all our buyers were qualified, and managing with a designated after-sales team to handle legalities, and mortgage companies. 90% of buyers exchanged within 28 days. The subsequent 7 units sold in the following weeks after, and the scheme was totally sold out before completion.