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An auction sale is fast as the buyer commits legally on the fall of the gavel with an exchange of contracts secured by a 10% non-returnable deposit.

Auction sales can reduce the stresses and uncertainty that can exist with some transactions, and there are no long drawn out negotiations or renegotiations.

Another great advantage of the auction process is that interested parties can bid for your property with competition between serious bidders often producing exceptional results.

Traditionally an auction has been regarded as a means of selling cheap, run-down properties and repossessions but the real growth over the past few years has been in the popularity of selling residential family homes.
Auctions are fast becoming a way sellers can find their ideal buyer at a realistic price for a quick, no-fuss sale.

The auction arm of our business has been successfully trading auction properties since our inception and regularly secures sellers the best price at the best time in the market. There are certain times when selling or buying via auction might just be the right option for you.

Any type of land and property can be sold successfully at auction sales. But many agents have no experience or specialist knowledge of the process and don’t offer auctions as a method of sale.

For the right property and the right situation, auction sales are the right way to achieve and secure the best price. ElliotLee Network Auctions will help you with the sale of your land or property, either with or without planning consent.

As Experts in Property Auctions, Here’s What You Can Expect from Having ElliotLee Network Auctions on Board to Help with Your Sale:

A full appraisal of your land or property
Expert auction advice from locally based auctioneers
Effective local and national marketing and advertising
National online coverage through well optimised specialist websites
Access to an extensive database of buyers and investors
Full listing in online auction catalogues and online property portals
Wide ranging social media exposure across all major platforms

When You Choose ElliotLee Network Auctions, We’ll Give You All the Advantages of Our Combined Knowledge, Intuition and Excellent Sales Track Record, Including the Benefits of:

Speed – exchange contracts and complete in just 20 working days
Confidence – no chains, no drawn-out negotiations and no fall throughs
Efficiency – an audience of serious buyers with cash or finance in place
Transparency – all parties have an equal opportunity to bid on your property
Competition – working to your advantage and achieving the best price