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Rent with peace of mind

Even when you’ve taken all the right measures to look after your property, sometimes things can go wrong. ElliotLee’s Rent Protection and Legal Expenses service mean that should the unexpected happen, you’ll always get the income you expect from your tenants, and it will also support you if you need legal representation to recover your property.

ElliotLee’s service

Sometimes your tenant’s security deposit isn’t enough to cover significant damage or rent arrears. Comprehensive and rigorous coverage could mean the difference between regaining your property or defaulting on your buy-to-let mortgage.

With this Rent Protection and Legal Expenses service, you’ll get the income you’re owed and any costs you may have in recovering it, so you’ll not be out of pocket.

For added ease, ElliotLee’s provider has created a unique and automated claims process, to reduce the administration and to return the property to you as quickly as possible. They will always keep you informed so you know when your property’s protected, and how the claims process works.

The criteria for this service are closely linked to tenant referencing criteria. We already work to offer you the best lettings experience, including tenant referencing, so this Rent Protection service is aligned with the information we have on your tenants – simplifying the application for you.

And the online platform means we can apply for a policy or make a claim 24/7 with ElliotLee.