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My Black Britain
My Black Britain
April 19, 2022.
It was wonderful working with the team at Elliott Lee (Rayners Lane) to sell our 2 bed room flat recently. They were attentive, professional and were experienced. We've already starting recommending them to some of our local friends who are considering a move.
Hitan Gudka
Hitan Gudka
April 14, 2022.
I am a landlord whose been with the same agents for 17 years. They are Competitors of Elliot Lee. They have grown big and fees increased tremendously. The same time service got very poor. However, Preyen from Elliot Lee understood my frustration and has been absolutely Professional from inception of my business to letting my property. He has been very clear in his conversations with me. He never got fed up of me contacting him time and again, that is what I call service. If he couldn't take my call and I left a message he would call me back. I can't say that for my previous agents. They would never return my calls. Preyen has exceeded my expectations with all my dealings with him. I strongly feel he should be commended for his qualities and Professionalism. I hope i recieve the same high quality service and Elliot and Lee can retain my business for many years to come.
ABRAHAM fredrick
ABRAHAM fredrick
November 12, 2021.
What do you expect more being a new bee to the country? From the day 1 call to them till the process completion, you can see how professional they are and help/guide you. Big shoot out thanks especially to Preyan Patel, Keep up the great work.