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As a values-based business, we believe in giving back to every community we serve.

This means that being at an event is not about finding a new landlord or tenant, or securing the next house to sell – it’s about so much more than that. Our local community is the reason we have been able to become the company we are today, and we want to engage with each and every member of it.

At the end of the day, we are real people with families and homes of our own in the locality, not to mention that our co-founders Elliot and Lee are best friends who have been living in this area their whole lives.

Whether it’s a local school, Residence Association, Football Club, or Church, we believe that by volunteering our time, energy, and enthusiasm, everyone benefits! You can find us handing out balloons, lending a hand on the BBQ, helping out with the bouncy castle – we even like to get stuck into the arts and crafts table when the need arises. By donating raffle prizes and hosting dance contests, we can truly take an active role in support for our neighbours and friends in the area. Look for our logo on your local football club shirts or check to be sure that your children’s favourite Santa Claus isn’t a jolly ElliotLee Property Consultant.

Whilst we can benefit your event by lending a helping hand, we also use our social media platforms, promoting with our connections in local news and media sources, and posting on neighbourhood event boards to spread the news about the events we are a part of. This year is already looking exciting with events at several new locations with new organisations, so make sure you have liked our Facebook page to keep in the know.

If you are part of a local organization, local school, local sports club, or local charity and need a helping hand with an upcoming event then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – email us at admin@elliotlee.co.uk or call us on 020 8866 0006.