The true reason behind our clients’ satisfaction comes down to our exceptional and highly trained staff

Hannah Petford, Director of Operations

Hannah is the type of team member that any company in the world would be lucky to have – she is dedicated, optimistic, outcome-focused and she knows how to think big. With over a decade of experience in customer service and client-facing administration, Hannah began her career in property at ElliotLee in 2009 as a Lettings Consultant. After learning the ins and outs of new tenancies, renewals, and contracts, Hannah’s expertise in both property and administration became so invaluable to the company that she became the very first Company Directors’ Assistant in 2011. As the company grew, it became clear that Hannah’s role was not large enough to take full advantage of her unique skill set, and so she was promoted to being the youngest ever Director of Operations in the history of the company.

Hannah says that working her way up the ladder has given her a wealth of knowledge in the property industry, and she uses this knowledge to help mentor the newer members of the team.

James Burgess MNAEA, Sales Director

James started his career at ElliotLee in 2006 in the role of Lettings & Sales Consultant, proving that he had what it took to be a key part of the team and consistently excelling his targets. ElliotLee saw a unique potential in James, and shortly after, James became the Lettings Manager. Continuing his reign as Top Consultant, he led the team to some of their best months for deals. After taking some time out for the birth of his daughter, he re-joined the ElliotLee team in early 2014. With his wealth of previous experience in both the Sales & Lettings departments, it was the only option for James to be promoted to Sales Director, overseeing both teams and some areas of staff training.

When he’s not in the office, along with spending time with his family, James also loves to carry on the old family tradition of going on the boys’ annual fishing trip. He’s part of the furniture at ElliotLee and is still very well known among clients from way back at the start!

Nicola Lamerton, Accounts Manager

Nicola has worked with ElliotLee since the day we opened our doors. She has a background in accounts, having spent over 10 years working at Barclays Bank.

As well as working at ElliotLee, she is married to Managing Director Elliot and a proud mum of 3 girls.  She has said if there is one thing she could spend the whole day doing, it would be sleeping–we’re not surprised!  Nicola is a valued member of the team, and we’re looking forward to the next generation of Lamertons to start working at ElliotLee.

Lorna Pottle, HR Manager

Lorna has been a vital part of the ElliotLee family since day one, and uses her previous experience in HR to ensure ElliotLee’s employees are compliant. Lorna is at the forefront of streamlining the staff training and health & safety, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. In three words, Lorna would describe herself as loyal, trustworthy and fun, which runs alongside ElliotLee’s nine company values. Lorna is a firm believer in treating people with the same respect that you expect in return.  This is a why she is so well-respected by all the employees with her fair but firm approach to all things HR.

Lorna is married to ElliotLee’s CEO Lee and is a full-time mum of two lovely children.

Scott Pearce, Property Consultant

Scott has joined the Lettings team as our newest Property Consultant. Having worked in the industry for over 5 years and has gained excellent knowledge of the property market and he’s able to keep up with the ever changing trends. When asked what motivates him to work hard, Scott replied “There’s no better sound than ringing the deal bell and smashing viewing targets each day!” Scott is dedicated to progressing up the career ladder. He really enjoys helping people and gets a buzz from seeing a deal through to the point of move in, supporting his clients throughout the whole process and offering them excellent customer service!

Scott is a hands on family man, recently introducing a daughter into the world which is his proudest accomplishment to date! His favourite family tradition is getting everyone together on a Sunday for a roast with all the trimmings. As a seasoned traveller, Scott has visited too many countries to list but has said one of the most unusual places he’s been to are the caves and tombs in Mexico, somewhere he would love to take his daughter to one day.

We are delighted he has joined the team at ElliotLee and welcome the fresh input to help continue and develop the team!

Julie Carasco, Credit Controller

Julie has been in the accounting world since leaving school so has a vast knowledge and understanding of the best way to reach the end result. Having spent over 20 years in the accounts industry Julie took a 2 year gap in her career to try something new and spent the time cooking dinners for the elderly, however she found that she missed the buzz that credit control gave her and has been back in the industry ever since. Outside work Julie loves to volunteer with various charities, her most recent stint is being a cheerer at the Run race up in London, giving support to those pounding the pavements!

Alex Simms, Lettings & Sales Administrator

Alex joined ElliotLee as one of our first ever Apprentices, she has successfully completed her Apprenticeship and is now a permanent member of the team! Alex has shown a real passion for growing her knowledge for the property industry and understanding how the operations team plays such a crucial part in the day-today running’s of the business. Alex is fast becoming one to watch, hot on the tails of her more experienced colleagues taking on and owning projects. Alex has said she would be lost if she didn’t have her lip liner, lashes and hair extensions… She may look like a girly girl but don’t let her exterior fool you, in her spare time she loves to relax and watch the game of 2 side – Football! She’s supported Arsenal since day one, going to the home games and cheering on the player. She thinks this is where she got her love of being part of a team from…

We’ve been blown away by Alex’s ability to adapt to new projects and in the short space of time she’s been with ElliotLee she has really taken to office life. We cant wait to see how Alex will continue to develop her industry knowledge over the coming months – We see a very bright future ahead for her at ElliotLee.

Henry Townsend, Property Consultant

Henry joined the team in 2017 as a Trainee Property Consultant Apprentice looking to gain some on the job training whilst working towards an NVQ Level 2 award. Having completed his A-Levels, he was eager to get stuck straight in and put his skills and knowledge into a role within ElliotLee. Henry has now completed his NVQ Level 2 and is a vital member of the sales team.

When asked what he couldn’t go a day without, Henry replied straight away with his guitar! He hopes to one day be able to play as well as his heroes John Mayer and Eric Clapton. When not practising his music, you’re likely to find him running around the local football pitch with his friends.

Henry is hard working, friendly and completes every task to a high standard.

Morgan Nunn, Property Consultant

Morgan has joined the Sales team as one of our Property Consultants. Morgan may be new to the industry but using her transferable skills from previous roles she has really thrown herself into the deep end and has learnt an abundance already! With her bubbly and caring attitude Morgan is always looking out for others, constantly working on ElliotLee’s 6th company value “One team”.

Morgan’s goal in life is to pay off her families expenses so they can live a comfortable life – We think you’ll agree what an excellent goal that is! Morgan would love to volunteer her time and visit some of the 3rd world countries to help families that aren’t as fortunate. If Morgan had her way her preferred mode of transport to work would be a horse – Maybe one day!

We are delighted that she has joined the team at ElliotLee and welcome the fresh input to help continue and develop the team!