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Instant Valuation

The alternative to cash security deposits. More Protection. Less Hassle.

How It Works

Reposit is completely free for landlords.

Here’s how it works:

When the tenant signs up and pays the Reposit fee, they commit to being liable to pay any end of tenancy charges and give us authority to collect these funds from them. Reposit will always attempt to recover the money from the tenant first. If the tenant defaults on payment, our insurers will step in to settle the charges.

Why are deposit alternatives becoming popular?

Cash deposits have been impacted by increasing regulation.

Tenants need a more affordable option

A generation of adults have been priced out of the housing market. By 2023, 22% of all households will be rented and people are renting for longer.

Over 43% of tenants need to borrow to pay their cash security deposit. The impact of the financial crisis and COVID-19 have made the need to reduce the upfront costs of renting even more important.